Rating the Super Bowl Logos: Part V

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Super Bowl XXI: A very different approach from the last few, this goes for an even more retro look, while still achieving a new milestone for the future. This is the first Super Bowl logo that actively tries to represent its home stadium with the rose motif, which is very abstract and avant-garde. It’s also very asymmetrical, and I could do without the “Super Bowl” font. It barely even looks like a logo; it’s like they tried desperately to get all the elements they wanted to fit. There is a time and place for the diagonal phrase, but this wasn’t it. Grade: C-.

Super Bowl XXII: This one goes back to the same approach used for recent Super Bowls, to very good effect. It’s nice and simple, the “Super Bowl” font is retro but in a way that befits the toughness of the game, and unlike those earlier games, the Roman numeral isn’t fat and distracting. This is one logo that really makes the game look important, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the model for many of the 90s logos. Grade: A-.

Super Bowl XXIII: Is this a real game, or a video game? With the generic triangles, generic and blocky Roman numerals, and blocky, vaguely pixelated, asymetric “Super Bowl” (most apparent close up), I wouldn’t be surprised if this was made for the Atari 2600 (or at least the original NES). What’s up with the white poofy collar? Why are the triangles placed where they are relative to the Roman numeral? Why is “Super Bowl” so small, are they trying to hide that this is a recycled video game logo? Can I use Bo Jackson to pwn people’s asses in this game? Grade: C.

Super Bowl XXIV: Now they decided to really get modern, and instead of focusing on strict geometrical shapes, have an impossible banner wrapping around the Roman numeral at an angle. The banner kind of makes it seem like a party, but I can’t keep my eyes off the Roman numeral. It’s so blocky (especially viewed close up where you can see the interior gray lines), and vaguely reminicent of the horrible Super Bowl V logo, that it seems an odd fit with the informal “Super Bowl”. Points for effort, but it’s still an awkward logo. Grade: C+.

Super Bowl XXV: A return to the geometrical shapes. This logo re-uses many of the best elements of the Super Bowl XXII logo, and puts it in a vaguely pentagonal shape. The “Super Bowl” doesn’t wrap around the Roman numeral, which helps with readability, and the motif all around it helps it look like a real logo. It almost looks like a police badge or a shield. Once again, a simple logo that gets the job done. Grade: A.

Next time: Logos that looks like the recent logos!

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