Last-Minute Remarks on SNF Week 11 Picks

Week 11 (November 21):

  • Tentative game: NY Giants @ Philadelphia
  • Prospects: 6-2 v. 5-3, with the Giants leading the most attractive division in the league and the Eagles a game back.
  • Protected games according to this: Packers-Vikings (FOX) and Colts-Patriots (CBS).
  • Other possible games mentioned on last week’s Watch and their records: Jets (6-2)-Texans (4-4), Saints (6-3)-Seahawks (4-4), Falcons (6-2)-Rams (4-4), and Raiders (5-4)-Steelers (5-2).
  • Impact of Monday Night Football: The Steelers are involved in the only alternate game involving two teams with winning records, but it won’t matter because…
  • Analysis: …I said last week that the Eagles would have to lose for any flex to happen, and not only did they and the Giants win, everything that happened was generally catastrophic for a flex, although an Eagles loss might still have opened the door for Raiders-Steelers. As is, though, the Steelers can only match the Giants’ record while the Raiders have one more loss than the Eagles, so…
  • Final prediction: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (no change).
  • Actual selection: New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (matches prediction, no change).

The NFL Lineal Title has been updated as well, with the shocker of the Browns claiming the main title. I predicted after their hard charges last season that one of the Browns or Raiders would make the playoffs this year, and the Raiders are making me look smart, while the Browns, despite starting slow, could yet go on a hard charge… and have zero shot of cracking the Ravens-Steelers-AFC-East-Loser oligarchy.

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