I guarantee I wouldn’t be writing this post if it weren’t for Twitter.

On Friday, after his last day guest-hosting PTI, ESPN’s Bill Simmons tweeted:

6pm SportsCenter never ran our PTI segment? Sad that America missed my extended Bautista/Lohan natural assets argument. #whoopsmaybethatswhy

I’m not sure this has ever happened, that SportsCenter has bumped out the Big Finish for reasons other than breaking news they need to give full-press coverage to. What’s more, the podcast conspicuously leaves out the bonus argument that’s part of the SportsCenter segment right before the Big Finish itself.

So I have to ask: will Simmons EVER be asked to do PTI or some other ESPN show ever again? Even if the Big Finish was bumped just for the discussion being off-topic as opposed to inappropriate…

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